Please Stop With Monochromatic   Flat   Depressing Working Spaceis
Please Stop With Monochromatic Flat Depressing Working Spaceis

Hello, fellas! Have you hear a story of Alice In Wonderland? Yes! That story tells about the girl named Alice who found the key. This key brought her to the Wonderland, the wonderful world where you can do some magic here. I think you will know more about the Alice story. And still related to it, here I have some pictures about restaurant which has Alice In Wonderland theme.

This restaurant is located in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district. This restaurant is designed in some parts which is shown the movie scenes of Alice In Wonderland. The restaurant has combination of unique decorations, and also the waitresses dressed in Alice costumes.

Before you are entering this restaurant, you will feel the Wonderland impression. There are stacks of books which placed under the glazed box of food display. Then this restaurant named is written in Japanese Kanji with heart ornament on it. Have you felt the Wonderland impression? Not yet? Let’s move inside.Read more »


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