Office Designs
Office Designs

Howdy fellas! Yesterday I took my brother into his office. In the morning when about to leave, his car tire burst and he was in a hurry so I had to take him. I was a bit surprised by my brother’s office because honestly I never get there. His office is large and very modern. I’m interested to see other office design. This time I’ll bring you to see the design of a web hosting office called Rackspace by Morgan Lovell. Do you want to see it? Let’s look together!

This office has very large size in its building with a clean white color that is truly magnificent. Outward appearance office design is showing the rooms in it. From the outside this office consists of a visible glass lighting glowing from the inside. At the front of the outer wall of the office there is a large and clear corporate logo.

Like the other office, this office has the meeting room, kitchen, canteen, conference room, and the hallway. The entire room of the office has an attractive design and the different from the other office. This is seen in almost all of the design office. Look at an indoor meeting room that has no broad space. Meeting room has a minimalist design with furniture that is not too much. The table is accompanied by black chairs around it. In front of the chairs and table, there is a TV that is connected to a laptop. I think its function as a screen that can be viewed by all employees who carry out the meetings. Wallpaper is also very unique and funny. Do you like the design of this meeting room?

The office is comprised of three floors is indeed quite remarkable. Each floor has a room with the kind of design and function differently. I see there is a play area with a rocking chair shaped with a design that looks unique and comfortable. There is also a space large enough conference in an open area. This area is complemented by a big screen and a unique seat with white color.Read more »


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