Os Dejo Con Una Selección Dec & You De Despachos En Casa Ya Sabéis
Os Dejo Con Una Selección Dec & You De Despachos En Casa Ya Sabéis

HI, buddies. Do you like reading? What kinds of books do you like? Do you like comics or novels? Whatever the book you like, you must have a shelf to put your books in it, right? Why don’t you design a home library in your house? Are you confused what kinds of home library? Don’t worry. I will share it for you. Let’s check these pictures.

Do you see something strange in this house? You can see a unique library, right? There are two floor home library designed with large bookshelf. The bookshelf is made from wood. I like this home library. Why? If you want to reach some books you want, you have pass the stylish ladder connects to bookshelf on the upstairs. Under the bookshelf, there are some beautiful rugs on wooden floor. The transparency of wall around this library gives charming nuance.

Other home library is designed with black and white theme. Look at this picture. There is a stylish rocking chair in grey theme. If you want to lay down while reading some books a sofa bed in white theme presented there. The shelf is not only used to place many books, but also used to put some cute souvenirs with black and white theme also.Most of the books are covered by black theme also. What a cute home libraryRead more »


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