Luxury Home Picture5
Luxury Home Picture5

Hello, there! I wanna share my experience in my grandparents home. They have luxurious home. Their luxury home is completed with small garden in front yard. Some wooden interior also completed their home. Besides, there is also transparent glazed window which combines the wall. Curious with the home? Let’s talk about it based on the similar pictures which I have.

From facade, you will see the white stepping among the brown sand. This stepping is design to your front door. But before it, you will pass small garden which is placed some small plants in pot. Then you will see two level home with glazed window and door and also wooden combination for it.

This home has living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, reading room and also courtyard and small balcony. Then, let’s discuss about it, one by one. It living room, you will see white sofa which is beautified with red cushions. This seating is completed with glazed table. Under it, there is a red carpet. This living room is also completed with fireplace.Read more »


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