Beautiful Restaurant Design Ideas
Beautiful Restaurant Design Ideas

The good or bad estimation of a restaurant is not only instilled by the quality and quantity of food. According to Davis et all., in his book “Food and beverage management”, restaurant can be valued on: food, business, social, location and accessibility, service, cleanliness and hygiene, atmosphere and price. Those costumer expectations should be fulfilled by any provider of goods and services, where it can bring a good impact hereinafter.The rule is applied also for fast food restaurants. In this article we will show you the consideration to create a good fast food restaurant design ideas.

The good design for fast food restaurant is formed from the things below:
1. Interior design and decoration
First sight at a restaurant is a very important thing. Potential customers often see the appearance of a restaurant before they decide where to eat. Restaurant decoration is supposed to make consumers feel comfortable. The interior design itself includes many things, such as the room size and shape, furniture and its placement, color selection, lighting, air conditioning, etc. If consumers pay a high price, consumers will expect more about the decor.

2. Table and seating arrangements
Table and seating arrangement should not to be too crowded. It is necessary to provide enough space for both employees and consumers to and from freely without disturbing the other customers.

3. Additional Services
Additional services are more services offered by the restaurant to enhance guest satisfaction. For example, when the guests have their birthday, restaurant service provider gives a surprise birthday cake as a compliment or just give them a birthday card as an attention.

4. The age, appearance and gender of other customers
The age, appearance and gender of the other customers will give effect to the consumer. For example, if there are guests who are talking about business issues in a restaurant, then on the nearest table, there are students of junior high or high school who tend to be noisy, so that the guests will be uncomfortable.

5. Noise level in the restaurant
This is a consideration about the music volume and the crowd in a restaurant.

6. Room temperature
Generally, if the room temperature is getting hotter, consumers will tend to be more irritable or uncomfortable.

7. The harmony of the product, service, theme and environment
Creating the unique concept and adding the suitable decorations and furniture will increase the personal impression in estimating the restaurant.
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