Modern+minimalist+bedroom+interior+design Black Whitejpg
Modern+minimalist+bedroom+interior+design Black Whitejpg

Hii, buddies! Do you have luxury home? And need some inspiration to decorate it? I think the luxury decorations are not always in expensive way. You can mix and match some stuff which you have. With the perfect arrangement and decorations, you will have luxury home which you dream for. So, let’s talk about it based on the pictures which I have.

This home is built with green field surrounding. It has two level design in white wall and has combination of glazed window and door. Among green grass in field, you can see the pool. This pool has floor which made of wood. The perfect placement of lighting, it will give luxurious impression to your home.

That is about the surrounding, then let’s move inside. This home has minimalist interior. You can see the spacious area because of that minimalist. In dining room, you will only see brown chairs with silver feet. Then the rectangular wooden table is completed the chairs. Some fruits in plates is put in that dining table.Read more »


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