For Master Bedroom , Modern Bedroom Furniture Pieces Amazing Designed
For Master Bedroom , Modern Bedroom Furniture Pieces Amazing Designed

Hi, there. It’s me again. Do you have a plan to design a loft in your apartment? What will you do? Don’t litter your old furniture, but you can just re- decorate or add some new furniture there. Here, I will share about Amazing Mixed Furniture and Texture Presented by Industrial Loft in Kiev. Are you curious? Let’s see these pictures.

We see some space here, such as a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen in one large space. The living room designed with white nuance with white sofa and white curved desk lamp. The table is designed in cozy style with rectangle shape. Not too close from here, there is a small indoor garden which generate fresh nuance. The dining room is located near this living room with some wooden some chairs and a dining table. Placing some white plates is the best idea to make it more awesome. It is added a fancy kid’s feature of chalkboard which has a function to be a wall.

How is about the bedroom? It is mixed with an open bathroom. So, there are two spaces in this bedroom. You can see here, the bed is designed in grey theme of the bed, some pillows and a blanket cover it. The bathroom looks so natural with a wooden bathtub and some sinks here. It is more charming with much stones in the bathroom which has a function as the bathroom’s floor.Read more »


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