Sunday, April 21, 2013
Sunday, April 21, 2013
The kitchen is only seen from its function as a place to prepare food. Therefore, decorating the kitchen is limited. In fact, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, there is no harm in considering the aesthetics of the room. Here are some diverse kitchen Windows Placement, which can be an inspiration to you. Although deceptively simple, put a kitchen window in the right position, you are able to add a beautiful kitchen.

Once The Importance Of Windows In The White KitchenOnce The Importance Of Windows In The White Kitchen

1. The kitchen window above the sink
Existing wall above the sink could be a classic location to put the kitchen Windows. Although already common, but the effect is still special. Moreover, if the window leads to a beautiful view of the outdoors. Of course, enjoying the view while doing homework can reduce your stress levels.

Replacement Windows Position For Modern Kitchen Design Between CabinetReplacement Windows Position For Modern Kitchen Design Between Cabinet

2. Replace upper cabinetry
In addition to placing the window at one point, which is above the kitchen sink, you can also use the window instead of upper cabinetry. The existence of storage space in the kitchen to store food supplies and cooking equipment, has become one of the concerns homeowners. So, if you think want to reduce kitchen cabinet or kitchen cabinet and replace it with windows can reduce storage space, you should be modeled this way. However, if you are reluctant to get rid of kitchen cabinets, you can also put in all the kitchen window or in one part of the kitchen. Precisely, in the wall between the kitchen work surface (kitchen counter) and upper kitchen cabinets . In this case, the window has a dual function as a backs plash.

The Position Of The Windows Along The Wall Of The KitchenThe Position Of The Windows Along The Wall Of The Kitchen3. Surrounds the kitchen
However, if your kitchen is in one corner of the house and you are not in a densely populated residential, try making The Windows surrounding the kitchen. Such windows can increase the amount of sunlight coming into your kitchen. However, it is able to “displace” kitchen cabinet and storage space in the kitchen. So, take advantage of the existing drawers on the kitchen counter and island.

Comfortable And Bright Kitchen With Fresh Flower And Large Windows DesignComfortable And Bright Kitchen With Fresh Flower And Large Windows Design

4. In a corner of the kitchen
In addition to surround the kitchen, you can also put a window in the corner of the kitchen. This way you are able to avoid the installation of kitchen cabinets in the corner of the kitchen is relatively difficult to reach.

Position Windows Kitchen At The CornerPosition Windows Kitchen At The Corner

5. Looking toward the sun
Lastly, make sure the position of Kitchen Windows consider the direction of the sun. If you install a window facing east, you can get warm sunshine every morning. When you prepare dinner, you will not be exposed to the glare of the afternoon sun.Read more »


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