Transportable House, Hypercubus
Transportable House, Hypercubus

Welcome back, fellas! Owning a modern home may give you futuristic impression. You have to mix and match the interior to get contemporary design. Do you have no idea about it? Don’t you worry guys. Because here I have some pictures about modern home which will I show to you.

Based on the pictures, the home is built in a large field. The field is so large in green grass, so that, you can play some games with you big family member. With this advantages, you can build large home size which is completed with swimming pool.

This home has outdoor pool which is completed with open gathering area. This gathering area will give you a hand when your big family gathers together. It equipped with white chairs and wooden table. You can have a meal or grilled something in this space. Near it, there is white lounge chair. With its size, you can sit together in it.Read more »


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