Aquí Se Puede Ver La Playa Desde Dentro, Solo Con Verla Todo El Mundo
Aquí Se Puede Ver La Playa Desde Dentro, Solo Con Verla Todo El Mundo

I just saw an adventure of a reporter in Lima, Peru. He visited a Catholic cathedral named Basilica Catedral of Lima. The cathedral is so majestic and spectacular. Its beauty is not at all consumed by time. I just know if many incredible places there. I’m curious about the design of the house there. And this page gives me an amazing picture of a gorgeous mansion in La Escondida Beach made ​​by Barclay & Crousse Architecture. This mansion is also magnificent and modern. Intrigued by its design? Let’s look together!

Unlike the other houses have roofs with the same form and function, this mansion has a unique pool design as the roof of mansion. Yup, you do not misread. Swimming pool with a large enough size with glass frame. Look at the roof, an unusual design makes the mansion looks more fabulous. To be honest I have never seen a design like this before. What a creative idea!

Mansion are predominantly white and brown has a large and magnificent form of building. The design is simple and it makes this mansion has a real beauty. Open design makes it looks more natural and luxurious. As I’ve said before if the roof mansion filled by a large enough pool which means pool is located at the top of the mansion. There is a ladder with rungs that are pretty much headed toward the pool. The stairs are made of stone and natural impression is increasingly felt.

In the mansion, there is a mini dining room that looks beautiful with wooden furniture and a glass door. Furniture of four wooden chairs with high design looks very modern. Coupled with a table in the middle of the room that also looks dazzling. Wooden furniture is not only seen in the room but also on the floor of the room. This is a very pretty and beautiful combination. A glass door to make the look of the room becomes cleaner and assertive. The view outside the room looks very obvious and it is very truly beautiful.Read more »


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