Japanese architect again show their unique design and attractive housing. This time, Studio Velocity build a house called “House in Chiharada” who are in Chiharada, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Miho Iwatsuki and Kentaro Kunhura, the architect behind Studio Velocity, making occupancy on the land area of ​​144.93 m2. The occupancy of only 55.28 m2 covered, but managed to give an area of ​​110.56 m2 residence for the owner.

House in- Chiharada Studio VelocityHouse in- Chiharada Studio Velocity
Actually, this is a residential outbuilding of a main two-storey house is located not far from the house. Round House Design is intended for young couples who are just starting their lives together.

Unique House In ChiharadaUnique House In Chiharada
Because of its location so close to the main house, a circular shape chosen so that between one house with other homes do not have to cross paths with each other. Each of these residents can keep their own privacy. Moreover, Round House form also gives room for a garden with various plants.Read more »


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