Starting The Day With A Fun Slide Down To Terra Firma! I Can Do That
Starting The Day With A Fun Slide Down To Terra Firma! I Can Do That

Hi. Buddies. How are you doing? DO you want to see something new pictures here. Don’t worry, I will share it for you. Now, I will share about Inspiration of Awesome Loft with Delightful Visual. Are you curious about it? Let’s see these pictures here.

The stone is attached as decoration in this house which present natural theme in this house. The stone accent is located in open living area with white theme design of the wall and the floor. I am amazed of the sun room near the charming pool. The infinity pool is designed so fancy with beautiful sea view. The sunbathing area looks so comfortable with two big white umbrella here.

Under those umbrella, there are some sofa bed with blue and white theme. The combination of white theme of the floor, the blue infinity pool, the sea view and this sunbathing area looks so exotic. The Pergola is designed in white theme. Look at this picture. There is a living room with glass wall around. The sofa and the table are so simple designed in white theme. I like the rug in the glossy floor here. The other fascinating room us the bathroom. You can see here, there is a bathroom with unique and white bathtub. Some flowers in this bathroom gives fresh nuance. How is about the wall? There are some glass walls in this bathroom, so you can see beautiful sea view.Read more »


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