Decoração:quartos Meninas / Quartos Meninos/ Adolescentes
Decoração:quartos Meninas / Quartos Meninos/ Adolescentes

Hi, there. How are you doing now? You are fine, aren’t you? Have you imagined that your apartment designed under the attic? When I went to my friend’s apartment, I was amazed of his apartment design. He has chosen apartment design under the attic. In this chance, I will share about Perfect Lighting of Attic Overlooking Stockholm Rooftops. It is about apartment designed with so perfect lighting and cozy interior there. Are you curious? Let’s check these pictures.

We begin from the living room. We see that it’s designed under the attic of an apartment. Look at this picture. White nuance with some modern furniture are added here. Some grey sofa looks so charming with some orange cushions on it. Where is the fireplace? It is placed not too close from there which designed with brick wall accent and the woods placed under the bench. It generates warm nuance.

Well, if we want to read many books we can have a seat here. There is a high library with some sofas in front of it. How are about the tables? Those tables are designed with black theme resemble small chair. The bookshelf looks so fancy for craft room ideas with the arranged many books there. A desk lamp with cream them is added near wooden table.

If we go to outside this space, we can find a minimalist terrace. With sky roof, you will get relaxed here. We can see some wooden furniture is presented in this terrace. The most I like in this terrace is some pines on the black fence and some beautiful flowers which can prettify this terrace. Moreover, the view of others apartments can be seen from here.

There are still many rooms in this apartment, such as the bedroom, the living room, kitchen and others. But, the most amazing thing is the perfect lighting from so many lamps attached on the attic. It looks so awesome.Read more »


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