Odaiba Night View, Rainbow Bridge お台場から見るレインボー
Odaiba Night View, Rainbow Bridge お台場から見るレインボー

We believe that multi-color can grab our eye easily. This is basic though of this idea to make an urban space more attractive. This ‘colorful’ idea is used by architect to design the Rainbow Bridge (found on Fubiz) which is placed in Magong, Penghu County, Taiwan. For your information, this bridge is a pedestrian walkway. However the bridge is just for pedestrian, the architect has a perfect idea to decorate this bridge become different than the common bridge.

A fantastic visual effect is reached by installing a thin neon band to the very big construction. The color of the neon is like rainbow which is reflected on the water during the night. It gives a wonderful atmosphere in the surrounding area.Read more »


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