Living In The South Makes It Wonderful To Decorate With Magnolia
Living In The South Makes It Wonderful To Decorate With Magnolia

Hi, there. Do you have many books in your house? Where do you put all of those books? Do you have a home library in your home? What does it look like? If you want to decorate a home library, you have to design it as cozy as possible. So, you will enjoy staying here. I will share some home libraries design. Are you curious? Let’s see these pictures.

I have to say amazing because of this home library. It is designed in attic of house. I like the design of this roof. It is so cozy with transparent glass roof. It is a living room, actually. But, it can v=be used as a small library in the house. There is a long bookshelf on the white house. The presence of brown armchairs with blue cushion on it make it more comfortable to use. I like the puff so much. With assorted colorful puff gives cheerful nuance in this small home library.Near to the window, there are some plants which generate fresh atmosphere.

Other home library here looks so fancy with two floor design. You can see in this picture. There is a living space used to study space and a home library above it. The office space is designed with oval shape of the table with a green rocking chair. If you want to look for some books you want to read, you have to climb with a metal ladder. It connects to small library with round shape also. The books are arranged so tidy, so it can beautify this room.Read more »


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