Spacious And Elegant Living Room Highlight's Oprah's Available
Spacious And Elegant Living Room Highlight's Oprah's Available

Sometimes it sounds difficult to have furnish arrangement spacious in your two-rooms apartment. The herein two room apartment photos provide you with ideas related to have your limited room extended looks with plenty of light trick and ornament arrangement.

The example of the photo come from two room apartment with 54 square meters. Of course, the idea is based on how to present a wide angle style in your small home with simple but stylish design. Well look at its 58 square meters terrace, can you feel a relax and restful sensation with white umbrella in contrast with high rocky hill ornament? You are ready to invite your family,friends, and relation to a party, rite?

Then browse the living room, a black and white dining table and its chair in calm combination with soft color seating. Big white rectangle windows viewed terrace angle presents a widespread tone to your center point of your two-rooms limited space apartment.Read more »


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