The Wooden Mass Is Located Centrally In The Village Of Bohinjska
The Wooden Mass Is Located Centrally In The Village Of Bohinjska

Thinking of renovating your apartment? You might need to take a dive on this neat renovation crafted by Fixonic. The project named G Seven after the residence codename, situated in Braemar Hill. Yep, that’s Hong Kong. And to be precise, it’s at Hong Kong Island’s North Point, the southern part of it.

Almost all areas are coated nicely with modern timber straight grain panels, olive ash, throughout the walls, floors which composing this uncluttered flow between each spaces along with its interiors. This timber-coating purposely covered also the home office and study area with its tidy desk that’s built-in side by side with the storage space.

To differentiate the atmosphere, some of the spaces are divided with some white walls and simplistic yet contemporary white furnishings. It’s in the living area, some part of the work office walls, and partial wall of the kitchen.

It’s the mood that Fixonic deeply explored and brilliantly mixed here. The uncluttered flow of the wood grains, the partial plain white and simplistic interiors, and last but hold one of the ultimate factor of all, the cleverly indirect and concealed lighting. The warm and and serene ambiance, it’s inevitable.
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