Stunning Modern Warm Home Design Idea
Stunning Modern Warm Home Design Idea

I will invite you to fly to Sao Paulo to see unique and certainly interesting design for a home. This home design we shall see this time is made by Marcio Kogan’s Studio MK27. With an open design, this house looks very blend with the its surrounding. I think you will be charmed by the design this one. Let’s look together design.

As I’ve said before, this house has an open and spacious design. Look at a lounge on the roof of the house. With sofas with its unique purple color, a lounge that is very interesting and beautiful. There is no table in the lounge it. Placed in top roof makes this room has a large area. In every corner of the area there are lights that make it looks very private. Do you like this lounge design?

The stairs leads to lounge is located outdoors. The stairs are made ​​of wood in parallel and sequential stick. Place attachment of the staircase is a stone wall that looks very natural and attractive. There is a living plan that has really dazzling design. Open plan is complemented by a range of sofas with different of shapes and sizes. The sofa and chairs in the room look beautiful to each other.Read more »


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