Fairy Tales Interior | Kids Bedroom #1
Fairy Tales Interior | Kids Bedroom #1

Many girls have their imagination in their mind. One of their imaginations is about a fairy tale. Sometimes, they believe in many things about the fairy tale. They think that some stories in fairy world can be so real in theirs live. So, if they want to enter the fairy world, one of the solutions is designing their bedroom with fairy tale imagination. Are you curious? Let’s see some pictures here.

The first we see is glamor nuance in this girl bedroom. It is designed with soft assorted colors such as pink, purple, green, yellow and white. Look at this picture. The bed is simple in white theme with some soft colorful pillows on it. I like the headboard above this bed. We see a grey headboard and colorful headboard. Some pillows are decorated with soft colors such as pink, blue, purple, yellow and green.

Near this bed, there is a small desk with purple theme. On this purple desk, some goods such as the jewelry here give shinny diamond in this table. The most special in this bedroom is the presence of pink rug on shinny floor. The wardrobe is designed in pink and white theme with charming pattern. The cozy red chair is placed near this wardrobe will make you to be a queen. Some dolls and a deer toys are pretended as the friends of this fairy tale. It is a wonderful bedroom.Read more »


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