Courtyard House Designs
Courtyard House Designs

Howdy fellas, as we know the changing of times also change a lot of things. No exception to the house design. Modern houses usually have a small shape that stylish and minimalist. This is not unusual given the existing land that is indeed limited. The house with huge size, impress simple considered difficult to treat. Though the house which is said ‘conservative’ it would have a level of high comfort and health. It is clearly felt if the house is completed by a backyard that contain green plants.

Such ideas that make home design we will see this time is different. With a house that does not have a large area, there is still a courtyard inside. So it still has the freshness and beauty as ancient house. This little house seems so beautiful and breathtaking. Do not believe it? Let’s look together.

Homes with small size has an idea incorporation. Like this house, living room, dining room, and kitchen are on the same area. The living room is designed in such a way that it still looks comfortable and beautiful with a gray sofa. The living room has also a television in the middle of the room. To distinguish the living room with the other, under the sofa and coffee table is fitted a carpet with a unique and interesting design. The living room is equipped with three hanging lamps that have unique and interesting design.

Next to the living room there is a kitchen pantry that looks chic with a simple design. The kitchen has a very limited area but it does not look boring. Next to the kitchen near the living room, there is a mini dining which also has a simple design. The design looks so elegant. Furniture that is used be an idea combination between modern creations with a luxurious black color and natural wood accents in its table.

The room that is quite crowded looks more beautiful with the courtyard in the house. Do you see it? Courtyard is not too big but it looks very fresh and natural. With green plants on the wall courtyard, beautiful atmosphere increasingly felt. Courtyard with a glass roof this is really amazing.Read more »


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