Imagine These
Imagine These

Hi, there. Have you got married? If you have got married, do you have a home stay? Are you confused looking for a home stay? Do you want to look for an apartment? In this posting, I will inspire you about an apartment design for young family. It is suitable for young family. Are you curious? Let’s check these pictures.

Living room is designed with grey theme. The sofa looks so charming with grey theme with grey rug also. The cozy nuance can be presented with a round wooden table in the middle of this sofa. If you are young family, it is suitable if placing some beautiful paintings such as some photographs attached on the white wall. Can you see a mirror there? It is designed in aslant style. Not too close from here, there is a dining area with minimalist design.

The wooden dining set is exposed on white glossy floor. The dining set such the table and some chairs are just so simple, but the presence of beautiful flowers on the dining table makes an awesome nuance. The kitchen is located near the dining area with some sophisticated dining set and cutlery. Look at this picture. There is a mirror in the middle of kitchen cabinet. The sink with metal faucet looks so fancy. There are some plants in the kitchen cabinet.

Do you feel it? It generates fresh atmosphere. How about the pendant lamp? There is a glamor pendant lamp with overcast lighting give charming nuance. Most of modern design in this apartment is suitable for young family.Read more »


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