Santorini   Greece
Santorini Greece

How exquisite! The thing we can say when we are going to a villa in the sea side is those words. Here, the villa in Mykonos is so amazing that we can enjoy it for spending our holiday. We can get the great holiday here. Beside going to enjoy the scenery of the sea and beach there, we can also take the rest in that villa. The views there are very great. If we want to enjoy the great pool, there are the swimming pool facing the sea vies. The other great views are that there are sculpture in the pool and some white sandy as the thing to make the pool natural. If we only want to look the pool views, we can enjoy it from the resort facing the pool and sea sore. So, we will not regret if being in that place.

To look some place after having hard works, we can choose the best place to relax ourselves. One of the is going to the Villa. Here, we can for example go to the villa in Mykonos. That’s a small place in Greek. There, the villa faces the sea sore views. Those can be the great scenery to look. That Exquisite villa include some rooms. The bedrooms and bathroom maybe can be the first place to look after arriving at that place. We can enjoy the comfortable honeymoon or other bedroom there. The nuance of the bedroom is in white and brown color. There is nets in headboard. Or if you will choose other bedroom, there is also a black flower pattern bedroom. I’m sure that we will be so comfort at that place. For the bathroom, The bathroom is so stunning that have some shower and the comfortable place to be in the bathroom. Read more »


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