Wooden Window Doors Simple Designs
Wooden Window Doors Simple Designs

People usually use the door casing not more than 15 years, because they like to replace the out of date door casing. Nowadays a minimalist model becomes in. Many people renovate their homes to replace their casing door with the minimalist one. When you are bored with your interior design and want something new, you can change your house interior begins with your door. Change your old door casing style into new one. Wood casing style is still the best door casing style ever. Aluminum, PVC cannot beat the beauty of wood because wood has a natural texture. Although PVC material made to resemble the texture of wood, but still cannot keep up the beauty of wood texture. Wood has its own artistic value which cannot be owned by other materials. This casing style can make your house cozier and more comfort.

Minimalist door models are now provided with many esthetic creations and designs. If you want to maintain the beauty of wood, you use the original wood door casing without any decoration. This is the most commonly used model because the plain door casing can be fused easily with any home models. On the other hand, other creations also looks great. Here is a trick how to design esthetics and minimalist wood door casing style. It just need the solid wood and stainless line. One simple trick to make is combining the solid wood with stainless steel which will add an elegant impression. You can decorate it by adding the stainless line on the edge of your door casing. The stainless line delivers a luxury but still simple and modern. Decoration with special engraving is also more attractive.
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