Gambar: Doimo City Line
Gambar: Doimo City Line

Many people assume that children’s bedroom should be a fun. So they believe that it will be fun by decorating the room with modular and multi-colored shades. The Italian bedroom manufacture, Doimo Cityline offers new collections of bedroom design for kids and girls, named “Princess Barbie”. It is decorated with white and pink-magenta color. They devise an appropriate name with different character, such as Diamond (elegant), Glam (glamour), Gloss (shine), and Romantic (obvious).

I suggest you to decorate your daughter’s bedroom with beautiful pink color. To make it complete, you can add variety of Barbie accessories which could be found in toys shop or central shop in your city. You must to believe that the new room design will make your daughter feels very happy because her room looks more attractive.Read more »


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