Run And Separate Items Interior Polish Furniture For The Living Room
Run And Separate Items Interior Polish Furniture For The Living Room

Hi, there. Do you feel tired after getting a busy day? It is time to take a rest in your house. Do you feel enjoy staying in the house or your penthouse? If yes, you will be amazed of these pictures. You can re-decorate your penthouse with present functional furniture like presented in these pictures here. Are you curious? Let’s see these pictures.

In this picture, you can see a fascinating bathroom with white theme. There are a mirror attached on white wall. You can see a bathroom, a closet, and a sink are designed in white theme also. The combination of black floor and white wall give charming atmosphere. There is a shower room with glass door here. But, the most important thing is the presence of a luxury and small white staircase inside this bathroom. What is the function of this white staircase? It is design to prettify this bathroom. Whit this staircase and green plant on it, generate fresh nuance.

There is a wooden accent presented here with decoration of the floor and the staircase. Look at this picture. You can see here, near wooden staircase there is a high shelf used to put some accessories in it. On the other side of the wooden staircase, a cozy living space with some white chairs and a round table. It looks so awesome with black rug on the wooden floor. So, you can utilize a small room near this staircase with a cozy living area here. Read more »


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