Nw 13th Avenue Loft
Nw 13th Avenue Loft

Monochromatic, ain’t we all love its simplicity. Well, me personally have this huge crush on any simplistic concepts, and this one from Sergey Baskakov is inevitably included. It’s a render, so what you see below and forth, might or might not applicable to your current situation, but still, it’s a huge crush for me. A crush from the first sight, for you too it might.

This designer dude is Russian, from one of industrial city in Russia named Kemerovo. He crafted his awesome works which display striking contemporary areas with almost no colors, i repeat almost, and mix the contrasting play to compose this kind of tidy and stark differentiation among some of the space’s white base fundamental room canvases along with its plain black interiors.

There are some ingredients play and mix in these designs, as you might later see that some of the renders are having this light creme grain wood floor, others are in a plain white, and some are in some white cream marbles. This flooring plain color holding the main factor that encased the whole simple scheme which continuously answered by it’s simple white wall, and black accents covered by its interiors and furniture.
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