Inspiring Modern Minimalist Home Design
Inspiring Modern Minimalist Home Design

This fascinating triangle house can be found in Tokyo, Japan. This awesome inspiring house is designed by Mizuishi Architect Atelier and is specifically built in narrow or limited space. For your information, this minimalist house was designed on 29.07 square meters from a triangle land site. Cool isn’t, it?

The narrow-gauge house was built in two floors. The first floor – downstairs, is functioned to be the living space where you can find areas for guests with shorter ceiling rather than the upstairs which is given with full-opened windows on both side of the wall structure in order to give you a widespread angle view. The room space more and more feels open and tidy since the walls are white colored altogether in combined to wooden tone which will give you a wide and cheerful feeling.

The second floor – upstairs, is functioned to be used for the dining room and kitchen space. It has a high ceiling which purposed to give you a climb to the roof feeling. It also have a loft which is used either to keep your children’s toys and safely playground.Read more »


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