The way we decorate our homes is a matter of personal taste and it is my belief that the style of your home should be determined by what brings you joy. But what about the exterior? If you wanted to decorate the outside of your home in a style that did not blend in with your block or your neighborhood, would you?

One home in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn stands out among the neutral taupes and earthy browns of the other buildings. Although the doors, window fixtures and facade of the building are all traditional, one thing sets it apart: one very unique choice of paint color.

As a matter of fact, it is actually not so much the color of the building that makes it unique, but rather the context. Despite its proximity to water, Brooklyn is not the Italian Riviera, Virgin Islands or Miami, some of the many places where a pink house would be unremarkable. For an urban area it is indeed a controversial choice.

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