When we first spotted this house, called “Family House,” we thought how oddly it had been named. There just doesn’t seem to be much warmth iminating from the exterior of this structure. If anything, this looks more like institutional architecture than a warm, friendly family home. But we kept looking at the photos, and
finally discovered the charm to it; it’s more like a bulwark against the outer world to protect the family unit within. And the inside itself is a soft, simple stage with which the family unit can shine.

Designed by dva arhitekta, this home is located in Zagreb, Croatia: ”The house is designed for a young family who wanted to build a home in greenery near the city centre. Mostly small apartment buildings and single family houses slowly take place of traditional houses with gardens which used to provide idyllic, almost pastoral atmosphere of the area. The main requirement of the project was to hide away from neigbours and provide views and orientation to the south and greenery. By the usage of waste brick as a facade cladding the house fits perfectly to the eclectic atmosphere of its surrounding.”visit : dva-arhitekta

visit the site : azuremagazine


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