Continuing with the bathroom themes, a beautiful bathroom inspired by a Moroccan theme can provide a visually stunning and very effective look.

Great Moroccan Bathroom Design
Luxury and Beautiful Moroccan Bathroom Design
Elegant Brown Moroccan Bathroom Design

When selecting the right flooring for a bathroom, there's more to keep in mind than personal style. Some very specific factors come into play: Is your flooring, for instance, impervious to water? Will it stain easily when makeup takes a spill? Is it safe when walking across with wet feet? Given those considerations, here are some of the top contenders in bathroom floor surface.

Green Mix with Soft Yellow Color Look very Elegant and Exotic
Beautiful Moroccan Bathroom with Soft Colors

Walls in a subtle yet striking blue tiles with white grouting may sound a little harsh, however add some tall storage units with an pointed arches and lattice work doors all painted in brilliant white and the whole effect starts to come together wonderfully.

The other type of Moroccan tiles is the Moroccan mosaic tile also known as Zillij mosaic or Zellige tiles are available in endless geometric as well as floral patterns. The art of Zillij is essentially a Moroccan art form. Although its roots are in the universal language of two-dimensional mathematics, which can be traced to the Levant, Egypt, and the Roman mosaics of Volubilis (the Moroccan Roman city), it has all the characteristics of a unique art form

Exotic Moroccan Bathroom Design
Black Moroccan Bathroom Design


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