Collection of kitchen design is a great combination of gray, white, black and metallic-colored cabinets and furniture all of which complement each other perfectly. This is a very big inspiration for the renovation of your kitchen design. that is Japanese Kitchen Modern Design combination of gray, white, black and metallic colored cabinets

Greentea Design is a Canadian retailer of Asian furniture dealing in a variety of antique and contemporary pieces. Their line of free standing Japanese kitchen cabinets has been steadily expanding with their growing popularity. Initially starting as interpretations of classic Japanese Tansu, the Mizuya pantry cabinets were adapted to kitchen cabinets and fitted with counters by inspired customers willing to do some extra customization.

Great Japanese Wood Kitchen Design

There are plenty of kitchen appliances nowadays that are metallic (steel, chrome, etc…) colored. Not every color gamma is good with such appliances. Usually people choose any gamma and try to contrast it with all appliances but in my opinion that isn’t the best way. Japanese kitchen producer Tayo Kitchen which have awesome dark kitchen designs under their belt has much better idea. They Porto collection is a great combination of gray, white, black and metallic colored cabinets and furniture that all together perfectly supplement each other. Their showcases are great example of kitchen designs to gather inspiration from.

Minimalist Japanese Kitchen Design
Unique Japanese Kitchen Design Decoration
Traditional Japanese Kitchen Design
Simple Japanese Kitchen Design
Elegant Japanese Kitchen Design


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