Traditional japanese platform bedroom, A well-designed master suite demands an equally well-designed bed. So many jaw-dropping masters are compromised by a garish ode to turned wood, with their soaring four-posted spires. So distracting. The mattresses rise so high that you need a small stepladder to climb aboard. The Modernist approach is so much more pleasing to the eye. Take our beautiful, clean Japanese style platform queen Bed, for example. The headboard is a solid veneer oak that is a great contrast to the colors of your walls. At the foot, a playful take on the traditional footboard, with an echo of chrome inlaid to direct the eye up and back.

The Japanese room is famous for its clean lines and uncluttered appearance. While there is furniture in a Japanese room, you will not find very many pieces. The colors of Japanese interior design are subdued, giving preference for soft colors that are quietly restrained. Comfortable and elegant with Japanese Living room with minimalist and contemporary design. Oriental home decor is a way for one to decorate their home with Asian inspired pieces.(mix color)

Ultra Modern Japanese Bedroom
Luxury and Modern Japanese Bedroom Design
Modern and Minimalist Japanese Bedroom Design
Simple and Fresh Japanese Bedroom Design
The Most Simple Japanese Bedroom Design
Modern and Elegant Japanese Bedroom
Elegant Black and White Japanese Bedroom


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