Contemporary Outdoor Water Fountain that Can be A Table

Contemporary outdoor water fountain, that can be a table. It’s a creative design of small furniture. An outdoor furniture, that can be a table for your gazebo, or patio furniture. It’s designed with water features. So, this table looks natural, and you get a natural atmosphere, with the sound of the water drop down from the top of this table. Its base is composed of three cylinders of reddish-brown, which create a natural fall and fill your garden with the soothing sounds of cascading water. The upper is made of glass and provides extra space for drinks, some candles and decorative objects. The fountain is crafted from durable resin with a stone cladding painted by hand. It can survive outside of a house for a long time in silence and recycles water from hidden reservoir. This creative outdoor water fountain and table can be take to your home with just $199. This Avalon  Outdoor Water Fountain designed by Grandin Road, very stylish and simple, but you get your natural outdoor atmosphere with practical furniture.


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