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Do you like to hang out? If you do, you will certainly know the brand of the largest coffee and becomes trend around the world. That’s right, it is Starbucks coffee shop hangout which has its franchise in almost all countries and you surely find it exciting and comfortable place to drink coffee.

You can see the design in Amsterdam’s Starbucks. You can look at their brand reinvention that will span across Europe, accomplished by Dutch-born designer,, Liz Muller. He is the guy behind this fascinating design with natural wooden Starbucks Concept Store In Amsterdam.

Derived from the typical look of comfort that we have accustomed with, this concept store is located in the building’s remains of a historic bank in Rembrandtplein,. Sustainable interior design is the main theme of this concept store and made from a combination of local and recycled materials, including benches, tables, ceilings and alluring arts which consists of 1876 pieces of sawn wooden blocks, the Netherlands repurposed oak, and walls lined with wooden gingerbread mold. Besides that, they also use bicycle inner tubes and antique Delft tiles. With these materials, you will find this amazing and unique interior design of Starbucks Coffe in Amsterdam.

The construction process of Amsterdam’s Starbucks involved about 35 artists and craftsmen who were assigned to furnish creative touch of 4,500-square-foot multilevel space. Known as “the Bank”, the design shows the level of respect for the history of architecture and still maintains the original features of buildings, including the concrete of the dome itselfand the 1920 bank building with marble floors. Read more »


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