So far as we know it is a fashion trend / fashion, both the shape and color of materials used, What in the world of architecture there is also a similar trend?

Trend is something that is temporary and will only survive in a certain period, perhaps even just a marketing trick to make of consumers leads to a specific product,

Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012 picture:
Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012
Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012

World property also can not escape the bonds of business interests and the architectural term trend is one such example, if we analyze with the trend of architecture, the property developer easier and directed to sell their products. Originally follow the trend of the property must be sold. Similarly, the media architecture. By discussing the trend of architecture, the media will sell because people want to know what kind of architecture that trend, regardless of whether the meaning is conveyed about the trend is right or wrong.

Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012 images:
Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012

For example, the trend of minimalist architecture was still warm sound.
Is the property being sold to as minimalist minimalist really? It turns more of a misnomer, although there is also a property developer that provide an understanding of the true minimalist. What it can easily be minimalist in order to sell well, although actually not at all minimalist. let alone the people are proud and happy to buy the property in accordance with the existing architectural trends that are not considered out of date.

What about the trend for 2012?

Issue of "global warming" the final end is also enough to affect the trend in the world of architecture, the increasing trend in terms of awareness and respect for the environment makes this issue is still dominant. Use of environmentally friendly materials, maximization of air and natural light to obey, the efficiency of 'life-cost' after building up and reducing waste in the process into sub bertinggal issue with regard to issues earlier.

Design Interior Ideas, decorating, bedroom modern and trend 2012 in picture:
Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012

Of the architect as a designer, this issue becomes interesting, Architects can 'play' using the material and shape to accommodate this issue. Besides, now growing desire among architects to use simple materials but have local content (local content) to more. The term back to nature would be a pretty central theme untu some time to come.

Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012: minimalist but modern bedroom picture:
Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012

For color in the year 2010 will be more focused on the natural color (back to nature), such as light gray color, faded brown, pale green, orange, yellow, lime. In addition to representing nature, this color can be used as a base color other than white and color derivatives.

What about the interior, the interior of the building will be more use of natural materials like bamboo, wood with the old design (traditional).

picture of Design living room decoration Interior Ideas and trend 2012
Design Interior Ideas and trend 2012

Trend is not a standard thing for us to follow, the more important thing that we do but talk about the trend is to make a check list of existing needs and also adapted to the existing financial condition so that in building our dream house was not disappointed in the future day.

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