City area in Leidsche Rijn goes back to the time dell' roman empire. Now, the region transformed from a rural zone in a small city of Utrecht. A bag of new architecture house to construct there after demolishing an
old one. Plan: Van den Heuvel Residence Locality: Rijn Leidsche, Holland Architects: Architects Van Rooijen -  Cornbread works The flat earth of the material wood of cedar as to use a natural recinzione in order to define the margin between the main zone public and private space. The space of first slowly is with natural slate and seems to float over is wood base. This house is separated from the main road and has a garden in the back of the house with great flowing doors. The front facade that l' I use of copper material have small window in order to allow the solar light in order to illuminate the scales. This house cube has secondary building for the magazzinaggio and knows it games for children. Various from the main structure, l' materialized secondary building in black fire-brick with the windows in aluminum. That two building is connected with a glass corridor.

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