Architecture company dmvA designed a modern and original home extension entitled “vB4” and located within the countryside of Brecht, Germany. According to the project developers, “the extension from the existing  form resulted in a floating volume built with trapezoidal wooden structures. The new timber parts followed the same frames and studs as the original. These borders next to each other connect the old and new space creating a new library, washroom and entrance area. The exterior is recladded in black stained siding positioned vertically to create a similar repetitive motion as the surrounding forest. The back and front of the home is fully glazed with a movable partition wall which allows for uninterrupted views of the adjacent garden and pond.” The new addition was planned on a challenging surface of only 26 square meters, while considering the strict building regulations of the municipality. Have a look at the photos below and tell us if you believe the lack of space had any negative effect on the “look” of the new building.

visit the site : freshome


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