Folded house is located at the peripheries of the Canadian capital Ottawa. Architecture of the neighbourhood is diverse, beginning from modern design residences to working quarters form the beginning of the 20th century. This project has been created for clients with interest in urban environment. Architect Andrew Reeves created an open and continuous space with simple and clean forms. Reeves designed a compact composition of volumes at a narrow parcel of an irregular shape. The main volume of the building is parallel with the street side what enables to enter the house from the western side. Second floor volume overlap the entrance on the ground floor what forms a sheltered leeward. Layering of contrasting materials forms a geometric game of linear elements accentuating the entrance. A garage stands out on the other side of the house while copying the angle of the parcel. As for the used materials, natural materials predominate, a combination of pine-tree wood and plaster imitates the modernism of Alvar Aalt

source and photos: yankodesign


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