Diposkan Oleh Desain Di 0617
Diposkan Oleh Desain Di 0617

Owning a loft may make you pay more attention in it. The loft which is actually usable for your living space. Having no idea about this? OK. Then I have this one for you. I will show you about white loft which is so cute and innocent with its red interior. Curious with this interior? Let’s get started.

This loft has white painted wall and wooden parquet floor. It is also combined with wooden pillars in ceiling. The glazed window makes this loft brighter than usual. Besides the natural lights will help you in reducing the use of electrical. So that, you will save the energy for better future.

Back to our white loft, it has red interior. I will explain to you from the dining area. This area is equipped with grey and red furniture. It can be seen from seating chairs. This grey and red chairs are combined with glossy white table. A bunch of red roses is also beautify the space.Read more »


  1. ever found a very creative home design?


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