Banyan Tree Ungasan In Bali, Indonesia
Banyan Tree Ungasan In Bali, Indonesia

Hi, buddies. Have you ever gone to Bali? Most of people in the world must know Bali. It is well known for its beauty. Don’t you believe it? If you have a plan to have a long vacation, you can stay in one of the resorts in Bali. In Ungasan, there is a beautiful resort which presents the beauty of Bali, especially in interior and exterior resort design. I will share for you about Modern and Chic Ungasan Resort with Sea View in Bali. Let’s check these pictures here.

We will see a beautiful outdoor dining area with beautiful sea view. There are some dining rooms with romantic nuance in this picture. There is no lamp in this dining room, but some candlelight from some candles makes it more exotic. I will share about exterior design first. Let’s see the pool here. There is an outdoor infinity pool in the edge of the hill.

If you swim here, you will feel so fresh with direct nature view here. In the edge of the pool, there is a sunbathing area with some sofa beds here. If you are here, you will be welcomed by the sunrise and sunset view. There is a special dining area with so many candles here. If you want to have a candle light dinner with you couple, this place is the best choice. It will taste so romantic. There is also an outdoor dining area with natural atmosphere with a wooden table and some white chairs here.Read more »


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